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One of a Kind paintings


acrylic canvas paint pouring abstract wall art

Style Your Walls

Welcome to my Fluid Art store!  Fluid Art is created by combining multiple colours of paint and pouring mediums and then applying it to a canvas or non-porous object.  There are well over ten different techniques to create this one-of-a-kind art!  It is distinct from traditional paintings because it is literally poured onto a surface and moved around to create a design or pattern and best of all – it cannot be duplicated.  Music to the ears of art enthusiasts that want unique works of art!  Contact Acrylic Mixology Art to Buy Original Fluid Art.



Local Artist from the New Orleans area

Where To Buy Abstract Fluid Art? Right here at Acrylic Mixology Art!   This type of art allows the client to pick colours, design, and technique reflecting personality and what is pleasing to their eye.  Decorating your home or office with Fluid Art will take your walls to the next level with the charming effects of playful bold colours or minimalist designs to bring in softness and relaxation state of mind.

acrylic canvas paint pouring abstract wall art
M Michelle Santiago, Artist
Frozen Lake Tahoe acrylic canvas paint pouring abstract wall art
Seraphim Wings acrylic canvas paint pouring abstract wall art

Custom Commission Paintings

Choose your colors and technique

At Acrylic Mixology Art, I take great pleasure in helping my customers turn their painting dreams into sweet reality. Didn’t find what you were looking for or found it, but it is out of stock – contact me for a custom piece.  We can discuss what you desire – you choose the colours, technique, and canvas size to fit your budget.  Alternately, if you are looking for Fluid Art for Sale that has already been created, please check out my pages that are setup by the various techniques and designs used in Fluid Art.   

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