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acrylic canvas paint pouring abstract wall art

Style Your Walls

A ‘Flip Cup’ painting is an acrylic pouring method where multiple colors are mixed with a pouring medium and then layered into a cup (s), before being ‘flipped’ over onto a canvas. Once the paint has settled down to the bottom of the cup, the cups are lifted, or dragged, across the canvas to let the paint spread. Although layered the same, using the same colors, as each cup of paint is lifted, it will render different results making it a true one-of-a-kind piece of art that cannot be duplicated. Probably one of my favorite Fluid Art techniques since there are thousands of ways to create a masterpiece. Buy Flip Cup Artwork from my acrylicmixologyart website collection or contact me to create a custom piece with your desired colors, technique and canvas size. 

Dirty Cup pours are a modern-day technique to create organic looking abstract art. This technique is a sub-part of the ‘Flip Cup’ but the paints are ‘dumped’ into a cup (s) rather than layered on top of each other. Through my website, I help multiple people buy Dirty Cup Art I have created and enjoy a unique piece of art.

Straight Pour Painting is taking a layered cup of paint or a dirty cup of paint and pouring the paint ‘straight’ on to an object – canvas or another form of Mixed Media Art. If you want to have some unique pieces of acrylic art in your home contact me and Buy Straight Pour Painting through my acrylicmixologyart website.

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