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acrylic canvas paint pouring abstract wall art

If you have been looking to buy Open Cup Art, look no further than this website!   My imagination and creative thoughts can become an attractive centre piece in any room in your home.  Where to purchase Dutch Pour Painting easily for a reasonable price?  Right here at my acrylicmixologyart website!  A Dutch Pour painting is an acrylic painting technique that uses air to move the paint around the canvas, or any non-porous object.  I use several tools to create my Dutch Pours - hair dryer, straw, mini leaf blower or just my own air - to move the paint around and get a stunning result.

​An Open Cup Art Dutch pour are two unique acrylic pouring techniques used in Fluid Art – they can range from soft and inviting or bold and bright. Open cup pours are created by flooding the canvas with paint then pouring small amounts of paint into a cup with no bottom to give it an organic look. This technique is used a lot when the artist desires ‘negative’ space on the canvas with some shading or pops of colour.

At Acrylic Mixology Art, I will assist you in choosing the most prominent design and colour for your specific artwork when you choose to Buy Open Cup Art. Dutch Pours use air to manipulate the paint around the canvas. I typically use a hair dryer to make a Dutch pour. Dutch pours are known for the ribbon like designs and cell lacing that results when using this technique. In terms of Where to purchase Dutch pour paintings, Acrylic Mixology Art has great customer satisfaction and endless options on custom pieces! Open Cup Art Dutch pour are both wonderful options for any type of wall décor!

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