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18 x 24-in gallery wrapped canvas with a resin protective top coat 


This stunning painting features a vibrant and eclectic mix of colors that will bring energy and life to any room. With its unique blend of hues and dynamic composition, "Splice" is sure to make a bold statement in your home. 


On the back of the painting is the title, date poured, and artist's signature. Perfect for your home, office, or as a gift for any occasion. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and free hardware to hang your painting. 


All efforts have been made to accurately depict the true colors of this artwork, but please note that variations may occur due to differences in monitor resolutions. Please note that Acrylic Mixology Art, LLC reserves all production rights


For commission requests please contact me at



YouTube: @acrylicmixologyart


Tiktok: @acrylicmixologyart

Facebook: @acrylicmixologyart



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